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Paradise desires to meet the needs of our congregation. We accomplish this through our ministries.

Paradise ministers by meeting people’s needs with love and humility on Christ’s behalf, whether the people are believers or non-believers. At Paradise, our ministries place emphasis on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that all will come to know Him and receive Him as their personal savior.


We do this by ministering to spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, vocation, and financial needs. We welcome you!

Prison Ministry

Our Prison Ministry seeks to restore those affected by crime and incarceration by introducing prisoners, victims, and their families to a new hope available through Jesus Christ.

Teacher and Young Student
Women's Ministry

Like most forms of ministry, women's ministry is Jesus-centred. It's all about helping other women to come to Christ and grow in Christ. It's about encouraging people to understand the gospel, respond to the gospel and apply the gospel to every aspect of life. And that happens when women engage with God through his Word and prayer.

Youth Ministry

The goal of the Children and Youth Ministry is teach and revealed the Word of God to the young people of our Church.

Education Ministry

Our education ministry is a volunteer tutoring and mentoring ministry maximizing weekly one-on-one homework assistance and cultivating enriching activities for low-income and at-risk children in Northeast Wichita.

Mental Health, Family & Marriage Counseling

Nearly every person sitting in the pews has been affected in some way. And yet individuals and families continue to suffer in silence or stop coming to their faith community because they are not receiving the support they so desperately need. They become detached from their faith community and their spirituality, which is an important source of healing, wholeness and hope in times of personal darkness, family tension and marriage struggles.

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